Dear Vaishali: How do I get along with my mother-in-law?

get along with your mother-in-law

How do I get along with my mother-in-law? Out of all the relationships that I’ve helped my clients, friends and family with, the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship has been the trickiest to navigate. If you think about it, it’s easy to understand why. In many cases, the daughter-in-law is replacing the mother-in-law as the most important woman […] Read the entire article

Shades of You

My son once corrected me on something I had no idea about. I referred to pink as a colour and he was quick to share that pink was actually a shade of red, not a colour itself. Although I passed it off as semantics, as shades are also colours, it did make me recognize the […] Read the entire article

Dear Vaishali: How do I go back to my old self?

old self

I have a pair of rollerblades that I’ve held onto for years, but haven’t pulled out since before my first child. What should I do with them? How do I go back to my old self? It is inevitable after having children that our identities change. You may not feel like your old self anymore. Our centre […] Read the entire article

The Difference Between Humility and Self-Deprecation

Often, when I give my friends a compliment, they minimize it or don’t accept it. To be honest, sometimes I do that too. Sometimes it’s because I don’t believe I deserve the praise; sometimes it’s because I don’t like being in the spot light. At times, I will even go as far as to point […] Read the entire article

Dear Vaishali: How Do Adults Make New Friends?

how do I make friends as an adult?

I made most of my friends as a teenager, but we’ve grown apart. How do adults make new friends? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have BFFs from high school who stay BFFs into adulthood. Most of the time, because of life transitions (a career, marriage, a move, a baby), many of us grow apart […] Read the entire article

What if Midlife Crisis is a Second Adolescence?

Who reading this remembers adolescence? The changes in your body, the peer pressure, the emotional effects of hormones? For me, and for many people, adolescence was a crisis! Well, in my teenaged mind it was. Not having the right clothes or make up would be the end of my world. How many of us wished […] Read the entire article

Dear Vaishali: How can I stop yelling?

stop yelling

I love my children but keep losing my temper. How can I stop yelling? We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of your usual chaotic rush, one little thing goes wrong and you lose it. You’re trying to send one last email while the mac and cheese is on the stove, while also helping […] Read the entire article

Cultivating Self Worth In Our Young Girls

Last year at a Bliss B4 Laundry retreat, I ran a workshop on self-compassion, and a mother and daughter pair attended. They were both in tears after, stating that neither of them knew how the other was struggling, and were grateful to have shared this experience. Watching them, and having numerous conversations with women about […] Read the entire article

Compassion in 2017

I try to focus on work but like most people, I am struggling. Struggling because I am continuously processing what is happening in my home country, and how that is affecting the world as a whole. I am an average citizen. I vote; I attempt my best at being informed; and I have healthy respectable […] Read the entire article

Dear Vaishali: How Do I Deal With Mom Guilt?

mom guilt

How do I deal with mom guilt? I feel responsible for everyone’s happiness. Meanwhile, I’m miserable. I often joke about how I’m a c-suite woman… of The Patel Household. I am always the COO, often CEO, CFO, and of course CWO (Chief Wellness Officer). As a mom, I feel I am responsible for the wellbeing […] Read the entire article