The Indivisible Self Model of Wellness

The Indivisible Self Model is based in psychological theory and practice. This model is based on over 25 years of research in the field of wellness. In this model, not only are body, mind, and spirit integrated but they are fundamentally inseparable. To understand wellness, then, we have to look at the whole person.

Indivisible Model of Wellness


The gray circles in the Indivisible Self model represent the Creative Self, Coping Self, Social Self, Essential Self, and Physical Self. These five factors make up the whole self, or the indivisible self. Each of the selves is comprised of additional subfactors that contribute both to wellness in that self and to total wellness.

The Creative Self– the combination of attributes that each of us forms to make a unique place among others in our social interactions

The Coping Self– composed of elements that regulate our responses to life events and provides a means for transcending any negative affects of what happens in our life

The Social Self– how relationships enhance our quality of life

The Essential Self– the existential sense of meaning and purpose in one’s life

The Physical Self our body and how it is affected by our choices