Wellness Planning Process

Wellness Image
Wellness is a chosen way of life that orients you towards optimal wellbeing through conscious efforts to engage in healthful behaviors, and acknowledging the integration of mind, body, and spirit.  Using the Indivisible Self Model of Wellness, the Comprehensive Wellness Planning Process allows you to actively pursue higher wellness. Going through this process will give you a greater quality of life and longevity, more energy and happiness, harmony in relationships, and less illness. The Comprehensive Wellness Planning Process will help you:
  • Gauge your level of overall wellness
  • Assess your personal assets and barriers to achieving a higher well being
  • Determine which areas of your wellbeing could benefit you the most in improving your overall wellness
  • Create goals that can help you improve those area
  • Assess your readiness to change with regards to the goals
  • Create tangible and achievable methods to help you move forward with the goals
  • And finally, measure any changes in wellness after 6 months
Choosing wellness will bring you to enjoying your life experience with little changes to the uncontrollable world around you.  Let’s face it, we as individuals cannot remove rush hour traffic, but we can change our experience while sitting in the traffic. I currently offer these services in downtown Toronto where I can help you work through this process in several ways based on your current needs and resources:




If you are still wondering whether wellness planning is right for you, you should ask yourself these questions.