We all have different issues and development styles; no one type of support would be a best fit for everyone. This is why I provide a range of services, able to meet your particular needs. Explore the services I offer to find which would best suite you.


dawn-nature-sunset-treesPrivate Psychotherapy Sessions

Individual Psychotherapy is ideal if you are searching for a private space to discuss your personal issues. Sessions focuses on your story alone, allowing the support to be personalized.

Private Sessions

rawRevealing Authentic Women (RAW) Support Circle

RAW Support Circle is best if you would like a space to discuss your experience, but would prefer it being with other women who share your experiences. Meetings provide opportunities to discuss topics relevant to you, and gain insight on how to move forward.

RAW Support Circle

Good For You Ladies Night Outgood for you Ladies Night Out

If you like the idea of learning more about self care, but don’t necessarily want to discuss your experience with others, these are the events for you. This is not your typical workshop experience.

good for you Ladies Night Out


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