Private Psychotherapy Sessions

Psychotherapy provides one on one support in private sessions. Each session will be 50 minutes in length and will generally occur weekly or biweekly. This option is ideal if you are dealing with particular issues or concerns that are hindering you from forward movement towards wellness.

The sessions will provide you with a safe, confidential space to discuss your life, and work through the difficulties you are experiencing. In sessions, I will provide you with perspective and feedback regarding your experience, shedding new light on your circumstance. The goal of one-on-one sessions is to provide you with alternative approaches to your experiences that will make you more self-aware, independent, and a better problem solver.

Along with the fundamental offerings of psychotherapy, I will also integrate the Comprehensive Wellness Planning Process in sessions. With this integration, your healing will be two-fold. Along with being able to find resolution to your specific concerns, you will also be working on improving your overall sense of well-being. This reactive plus proactive approach to psychotherapy will further help you develop your defenses from stressors and issues in the future.

Each individual psychotherapy client will receive the following components of the Comprehensive Wellness Planning Process: